About Us


About Us

Thody’s Artisan Goods was created by me, Palrih, and my husband, Chuck Thody. Eight years ago we left our suburban lifestyle and moved to a log home in the woods of Caledon Village, Ontario. The moment we stepped on the property we knew it was exactly what we had been looking for. A stress free environment to reset, step back, slow down and reflect. The Universe had given us an opportunity and we gratefully accepted the challenge!

We have always wanted to be more self-sufficient, explore the new, and focus on what’s important to us. Food has always been an integral part of our lives, as we love to cook, create, learn about the benefits of certain foods for health and longevity, and find new ways to incorporate healthful foods into our daily lives. And… of course, we love to eat! When we realized the abundance and variety of foods growing on our property, it became an exciting no-brainer that we were about to do a lot of cool stuff! We dove in and learned a LOT about food!

We, at Thody’s Artisan Goods, strive to share the knowledge we’ve acquired about the various benefits of consuming certain foods by offering an opportunity for others to taste delicious flavours while also learning how to incorporate these foods into their lives for improved health and wellness. A little knowledge about certain foods’ function and benefits (beyond the micros and macros, beyond a list of nutrients) and how to simply incorporate them into your diet, will open your minds up to a new way of healthy eating.

Fast forward to today. We harvest, make, and sell our own wood-fired Maple Syrup, Aged Black Garlic, Pasture-Raised Chickens, Eggs, Soups, and Bone Broth. We also love to ferment foods such as Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kombucha, Garlic in Honey, Garlic in Turmeric, and homemade Sourdough Bread. We’re always learning and exploring new recipes and offerings to share with you. The future… has yet to unfold.

Please join us on our journey!